Learning the Ropes
by Race Bannon
Non-fiction / 5.5"x 8.5" / 157 pages

Curious about S/M? Perhaps you have always had an interest but did not know where to find reliable information. Or perhaps you just want to enhance your lovemaking with a spouse or partner. Whatever your reason for an interest in S/M, this book can help. This book, by S/M expert Race Bannon, guides the reader through the basics of safe and fun S/M. Negative myths are dispelled and replaced with the truth about the kind of S/M erotic play that so many adults enjoy. Learn what S/M is, how to do it safely, and how to connect with partners, plus much more. Already a classic in its field.

Race Bannon is a nationally recognized expert in S/M sexuality. He has written numerous articles on the subject, facilitated seminars and workshops, and lectured throughout the United States about S/M.


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