Leathersex Q&A
by Joseph W. Bean
Non-fiction / 5.5"x 8.5" / 246 pages

Leathersex Q&A is a wealth of information about this special style of sexuality. The author, Joseph W. Bean, addresses a wide range of topics including SM, bondage, relationships, safety, spirituality, history, and much more. The answers in this book are responses to actual letters sent to the author over several years of his career as a lecturer, columnist, and editor of a gay men's leather magazine. Each question is answered with the sensitivity and insight only someone with a vast amount of experience in this style of sexuality could provide. Although originating from a gay male forum, the answers are generally of use to any man or woman who wishes to venture into the world of leathersex.

Joseph W. Bean is among the most active writers, editors, and lecturers in the field of radical sex. He is a regular university guest lecturer, has appeared on national television, and maintains a schedule averaging 65 educational events each year. His leathersex column, written for the San Francisco Sentinal, was a success in national syndication and much of this book evolved from that column. He is also the author of Leathersex.


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