Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude: Principles, Skills, and Tools
by Guy Baldwin, M.S.

Non-fiction / 5.5"x 8.5 " / 184 pages


Guy Baldwin, author of Ties That Bind and well-known psychotherapist, joins forces with a grateful slave to produce this gripping and personal account on the subject of consensual slavery. SlaveCraft, published by Daedalus Publishing Company, dares to delve beneath the surface of D/s relationships and gives the reader an intimate and revealing view from a rare perspective - that of a slave. The authors examine the psychology and spirituality behind the Master/slave dynamic and the result is a book that is resourceful, thought provoking, and sexually charged. An introduction and afterword by famed BDSM writer and educator Patrick Califia, as well as additional material by Joseph W. Bean, adds to the intensity and wisdom of this deeply philosophical volume. Beautifully written and intriguing, SlaveCraft is sure to leave an impact.

"This book is unique, and brilliantly so, shedding new clarity upon an area of human sexuality considered murky or misguided by most… SlaveCraft delivers the unexpected impact of a spiritual treatise, so while there is much discussion of specific attitudes and behaviors, the sum of its contents presents depthfulness beyond the details. One need not be a devotee or even partially interested in the lifestyle of erotic servitude to be profoundly engaged by these writings."
- Mark Thompson, editor Leatherfolk

Guy Baldwin, M.S. is a Los Angeles based psychotherapist who has specialized in working with erotic minorities for the last 20 years. He is perhaps best known for his essays, some of which appear in his second book, TIES THAT BIND: The SM, Leather, Fetish Erotic Style-Issues, Commentaries and Advice. He has also authored THE LEATHER CONTEST GUIDE: A Handbook for Promoters, Contestants, Judges and Titleholders and, most recently, SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude. In frequent demand as a prolific author, teacher, mentor and speaker, Guy has traveled the U.S. and Canada extensively to present a wide array of workshops, demonstrations, seminars and lectures to audiences of both players and health-care professionals, alike. In 1989, Guy served concurrently as International Mr. Leather, and as Mr. National Leather Association----the only person ever to do so. In 1999, he was keynote speaker at the Third Leather Leadership Conference held in San Francisco. In 2001, Guy was awarded both the Pantheon and Dominion lifetime achievement awards.

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